Recycled Plastic Bags from Indonesia

Recycled Plastic Bags from Indonesia. We are fashion accessories producer company in Indonesia. We produce various fashion accessories and woman bags. We make handmade bags from woven strapping band. Our handwoven bags are made using pet strapping band from recycled plastic bottles. We recycle plastic waste mostly plastic bottles from drinking bottles and other soda drink bottles. We process discarded plastic bottles into shredded plastic flakes. We produce plastic strapping band from plastic flakes then use the plastic strapping band as materials for our recycled plastic bags.

Recycled plastic tote bags. We make large tote bags or shopping bags using recycled plastic strapping band. Handwoven by skill bag craftsmen and women with many years of experience in working with recycled plastic strapping band. We produce various sizes and styles or even make shopping bags according to our client request. Buying our recycled plastic bags means helping us in reducing plastic bottle waste from rivers and beaches in Indonesia. Help us clearing our ocean from plastic bottles by buying our recycled plastic handbags.


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