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Crochet Purse Handbags Sea Shells Bali Indonesia

Hand crocheted purse bags with cowry sea shells woven using fibres by skill craftsmen and women in Bali Indonesia.

Available in various colors but the most popular color is beige or cream. Sea shells combined with colorful beads. Made to order, please order our purse or bags and other handmade items weeks in advance. Production for wholesale bulk quantity order can takes weeks or even a month. Other than handbags for women, we also sell other women fashion accessories such as Japanese seed beads bracelets.

To order these bags, please contact us by email or WhatsApp: +6281353357458 +628179731022

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Tribal Shells Feather Necklaces Papua Bali Indonesia

Various necklaces made of feather, sea shells and other natural materials. All handmade in Bali Indonesia. View wide range of ethnic style accessories especially necklaces made using big and small shells. The most common shells used is mother pearl shells and cowry.

We use whole shells or cut shells. These shells are found throughout Indonesia’s thousand islands. If you need us to make shell necklaces using your preferred shells, we will make it for you. (We also sell Japanese Seed Beads Bracelets, click here)

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Sea Shells Beads and Feather Bracelets Necklaces Fashion Accessories

Various costume jewellery ethnic style. Wide range of necklaces and bracelets made of combination of sea shells, glass beads and feather suitable as ethnic costume jewellery. You can see here necklaces, chokers, bracelets or bangle and barefoot sandals made of cowry shells. These are handmade by our craftsmen and women across Bali Indonesia. They are made entirely by hand or only with the help of very simple tools. Your order for our ethnic fashion accessories help us to support these traditional craftsmen in their daily life.

These ethnic necklaces, bracelets and crafts are made mostly by housewives, women and schoolgirls during their free time. Many hours are spent for each items. Every items is unique, variations might occur from photos shown here. See also Japanese seed beads bracelets from Bali Indonesia.

To order our ethnic accessories, please contact us by email or Whatsapp us +628179731022 or +6281353357458